It is our privilege to play a role in the continuation of these age-old techniques and we take great pleasure in the richness and texture of all things hand made – the art created by a hand block print, the organic touch of everything handmade.

With the aim of encouraging hidden talent, we have established CHAAP. Through this initiative, we are able to give age old hand block perfectionists a platform and voice. As part of the program , we provide personal mentorship, sharing with each maker the knowledge we have gained over the past thirty years and bring their work to a global platform. Through this initiative we help our fellow artisans achieve their dream of self sustenance and self reliance in turn uplifting their entire family and communities with hope, perseverance and desire to continue this beautiful honed technique



At the heart of Shahenaz is our commitment to supporting and sustaining traditional textile techniques and craftsmanship. We collaborate with artisans from around India to create original fabrics and handmade pieces. Textiles have been handmade In India for thousands of years. Artists here have been transforming natural cotton, silk and wool into things of beauty using highly intricate techniques of dyeing, weaving & embroidery. Our creative inspiration comes from discovering these heirloom traditions and carefully reinterpreting them to make contemporary products for everyday life.

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