About Us


Shahenaz began with a vision- to do something more purposeful to make a significant difference that translates its aesthetics onto a company transcending into contemporary home and lifestyle brand.

Our modern design language ensures that our products, made locally and by hand, find a global customer base in the luxury market. Each product you buy from Shahenaz carries an enriching story of authentic design, artisans and craftspeople. The coming together of these elements in our products, defines our brand. every step of the making process involves many hands, many souls and a lot of love. Every accessory is made entirely by hand, from inspiration and sketch, to the luxurious product, to the actual construction.

From that humble beginning, this little company has grown. Each product is unique as it has a story behind it. From the inspiration to the design process and it’s execution, every step of the way is given an attention to detail

Shahenaz is a contemporary, bespoke brand presenting the finest works of art from the Indian craftsman’s repertoire.

Shahenaz is a celebration of the joy within yourself.