We at Shahenaz have great appreciation for our fellow partners- Our Artisans

Our artisans are driven with passion, dedication , and extraordinary innovation and creativity. They believe in the power of co-existence and are used to living their lives among nature. Weaving, handcrafting and creation of various products has given these communities a source to earn sustainable livelihood throughout the year while contributing to the revival of a dying age old art.

Shahenaz works closely with thousands of artisans, providing families with sustainable livelihood at their door steps.


Each rug tells a unique story, the relationship of the weaver with her work, her family, her roots. It’s infinite variations is the work of her freedom of mind.

Each product tells its own story of creativity and we at Shahenaz encourage our artisans to explore their creativity and innovation and it reflects in all our products made of the finest yarns and most creative minds. These creative minds are nothing but a window to the souls of these artisans working tirelessly and effortlessly to bring to your home a piece of Art. 


Every smile and every blessing is an affirmation of our purpose.

Retailers and customers who endorse Shahenaz, can feel good about the product they’re bringing home, and the person behind it.

One of the central characteristics of handmade products and weaving is the superlative precision and impeccable eye it requires. The patience,  the human touch.

The steady hands of a surgeon dusted with the soul of a poet.